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After 20 years of sourcing and selling beautiful, top quality minerals, Fine Minerals International owners Daniel Trinchillo and Marisa Chung have become highly regarded as the most experienced pair in the international mineral market. With reputations built on passion and personal relationships with top collectors, they maintain the highest standards for quality and honesty.

The duo owns mines and sources minerals from destinations around the globe including Brazil, China, Pakistan, Tanzania and Colombia. Access to this one-of-a-kind collection has previously only been available to elite private collectors.


Daniel and Marisa now bring their international expertise to New York where buyers will have the opportunity to educate themselves on the background, aesthetic appeal, and value of minerals. Amethyst, Quartz, Tourmaline and Aquamarine are just some of the many minerals on display for those interested in using minerals as artistic expression.


We are excited to share the awe and beauty of nature’s art with a broader audience in a prime location in New York City. The space will be part art gallery and part living space where patrons can see first-hand how minerals can be shown as art or decor in a home or office.


Daniel Trinchillo and Marisa Chung

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